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Volcanic Eruptions of the Unexpected Kind 😁

There's been a whole load of terrible going on here still, super concentrated so... A funny instead. I'm going to share someone else's misfortune 😁 The other day the carer arrived wearing a long jacket which she replaced by oddly tying her scarf around her middle. Then she confessed. Trying to take tablets whilst driving she had opened a new bottle of water and held it securely between her legs. The bottle started to tip so she reacted instinctively by clenching her thighs together..... This resulted in a volcanic jet of water that went all over the place, her lap, the cars console, the passenger seat and soaked her trousers, knickers and the car seat..... It wasn't her day 😂 But I felt better 😂😂😂
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Sherwood Forest Under Threat from Fracking

This is unbelievable, this is probably the most famous, well known British woodland and it is under massive threat. Sherwood Forest, home to Robin Hood, ancient trees, badgers, bats, rare wildlife has a huge energy company, Ineos trying to get permission to check for gas underneath it. This means this beautiful woodland filled with lorries, heavy machinery and explosions. Destroyed. In the name of the God Profit.
It’s also home to Major Oak, a 1,000-year old tree that, according to legend, sheltered Robin Hood.
The Forestry Commission can decide whether to let them in or not and they are supposed to protect our forests. They will be under pressure to let this destruction go ahead. 38 Degrees campaigns have been extremely successful in the past and this is another major issue. If you can sign this, then please, please do so.
As Robin of Sherwood said "Nothing's Forgotten, Nothing's Ever Forgotten".

I've signed the petition to keep Sherwood Forest free from fracking. Please can you join me?
Protect Sherwood Forest from Fracking

Required : Medical Secretary for Filing Miracle 😂

To distract from tomorrow and because it's Seriously overdue I have started to tackle the Two Large A4 ring binders of Medical Filing. It is rather a mess caused by my having so many multiple conditions and many of them crossing over so requires a serious overhaul. Whilst it is Much easier to have 'Feet' related medical letters in one section, it means that under 'Feet' specialists letters cover Raynauds, Sjogrens, Sarcoidosis, Sympathetic Nerve Dysfunction/ Autonomic Dysfunction, Orthotics dept, physio etc. Easier than trying each Diseases folder for the info. Under 'Dental' there is also Sjogrens, Sarcoidosis, Temporo Mandibular Joint disorder, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Sympathetic Nerve Dysfunction/ Automonic Dysfunction plus Optician/eyes since the dentist has Twice damaged my eye! It's insane trying to get it done but vital to get this sorted as I've learnt that my GP surgery has lost a whole load of my files! Some bits can go under their disease folder but there's Tonnes more of the buggers not listed above! Some papers need cross referencing too. I need a Medical Secretary....! I have put this off for so long 😰 and now you've read the above you'll know why! 😱
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Yankee Candle bargain!

My father gave me an advent calendar on Wednesday, January 4th. It's one hell of a bargain, he got it half price in Boots sale 😊
It has 23 tealights in it of various mixes of
Cosy By The Fire, Bundle Up, Christmas Cookie, Snowflake Cookie, Winter Glow, Spiced Orange and then a votive candle called Christmas Eve for Christmas Eve. It smells amazing!
I opened each door in date order, it just seemed right 😁
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Lakeland Goodies 3/3 Copper Cookie Cutters

These are gorgeous! They are both copper plate and the cookie cutter stars are really for display in the kitchen. I'd coveted them before Yule but they were full price around £8 which I couldn't justify but £2.99 in the sale? Yup that'll do nicely 🌟 The gingerbread man was the same reduced price so I just got him too, then he arrived.... I'd not realised he was so enormous! About 11"! The red ribbon bows were on them, a simple touch that made them even better! I love Lakeland! My carer spotted the stars today and exclaimed "Oh my God, you got them!" so she'd also remembered them in the shop. They do look lovely. I intend to hang the three stars together on different lengths twine that resembles bakers string.

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Lakeland Goodies 1/3 Gingerbread House

It took 2 days to place my order thanks to a crap signal, (then 4 days to place the next as Tilly wanted something) but Lakeland have done it again. Delivery from the date of the order and was 4 days due to the seasonal period. This Gingerbread House cookie cutter set was about £8-£9 originally but down to £2.99. I figured could do Fimo clay but could easily use it for Balsa wood instead! Cutters are for the house walls, roof, chimney, door, windows, tree and gingerbread men, blooming good value! 🏡
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Others have midnight ice cream, I have sweetcorn

I never really thought about this before, but I hear of others who tuck into sweets, crisps or ice cream late evening. You know someone tucking into a bowl of ice cream at midnight. Last night I tucked into, and thoroughly enjoyed a small bowl of sweetcorn! I had gone to bed early but woke thinking what can I have? And came back to bed to scoff my way through a bowl of sweetcorn 😁 And it's no ordinary sweetcorn, this is Green Giants Salad Crisp which is sweet, soft (for my Cat C, Cat D or Cat E foods) but has a satisfying crunch ☺ I've eaten the whole tin, there's something righteous about going back for a second bowl when it's a vegetable 😁
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