Such a beautiful quote

In an article on a Japanese film that's become a roaring success it quotes from an apparently a famous Japanese poem titled "Yume to Shiriseba, it reads:

"I wonder if he appeared in my dream because I fell asleep thinking of him.

I wouldn't have woken up if I had known it was a dream."

Beautiful, just beautiful, I'm going to add that to the inside page of my diary and look up the rest of the poem 😊💖

Bye bye my lovely old friend

As more and more things go due to the future, this week the piano sold. I've had it since I was about 8 and a family friend known as Auntie Cuckoo loaned my parents the money to buy it for me around 35 years ago. So piano sold, one fipple flute /tin whistle sold, one to sell or Oxfam it I've not yet decided, the Ocarina sold too all no longer able to be used due to the effects of various illnesses 😢 I refuse however to part with the beautiful Celtic Knee Harp, my ability is poor now but that sound she makes, it's like it vibrates your soul, your spirit, your very being. She stays with me, she must for everything else is going... 😢

Nature Art Tattoos

I saw these the other week, I find them absolutely stunning! I am really taken by their beauty (and hoping I've not posted about them before!). They are all so beautiful, apparently the style is known as Nature Art. I should love to have the rosehips but a minimum of three autoimmune diseases and two connective tissue diseases really aren't conducive to getting a tattoo no matter how tiny it may be, oh well, nice to dream.... 😞

just you wait ...

Well thanks Google, I Knew That bit!

Great, just great! I uploaded this pic to try for the first time the Google search for this image gadget in the hope it would identify the name - Google assesses it, answers with "Wood" with similar images of the grain close up, argh! Well That was helpful, it's a wooden cupboard!
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Google trying to ways to Shut Down AI awareness

Bloody hell, Sci-fi going mainstream. Fascinating article on AI about Google trying to create a the ability to stop AI if it gets too self aware and ignoring humans. The article quotes
"But, sometimes, these "agents" learn to over-ride this, they say, giving an example of a 2013 AI taught to play Tetris that learnt to pause a game forever to avoid losing."
It would rather stay unresponsive than actually Lose at Tetris. That's Tetris, a little game. What would it do with serious shit?? And that's not the only one either. Humans rely too much on technology and it's becoming extremely dangerous.

Fascinating yet scary article on AI awareness
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Ah how simple is life when I'm thrilled by a 50p coin 😊 I was just checking with the carer the money Already in the purse to go for the food shop today when I spotted him! A Peter Rabbit 50p coin - I'm so thrilled! And I know what I'm going to do with it too, I'm doing a Peter Rabbit and Mr McGregor vegetable garden miniature scene and I'll sink it into the back wall a bit like a plaque 😊
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Raiding the Fridge..

Brings a whole new meaning to raiding the Fridge! With the old Fridge freezer going so young I wanted both my monies worth And just to get the useful bits! So all 3 freezer drawers and one veg drawer, all the door storage shelves and the handles! These can be used again as handles or as a hanging rail in a shed or garage :-D
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Zombie Freezer 😁

This Beko freezer in the front room is a Zombie freezer... I got the Zombies warning sticker on eBay months ago and picked up this awesome zombie cling sticker for just 99p in B&M, have to say I bloody love the creepy sod lol It actually looks like he's broken through the door of the freezer.... So my work here is done 😁
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Most Odd

It's bad enough there's so much going on that a lot of my posts are really disjointed, but having just viewed the website for my blog it shows posts uploaded via LiveJournal own app and Eljay app (which is actually much better than LJs own app) seem to land in a very different order to that in which they were posted! This is most strange and makes my disjointed posts even more random and disjointed!