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Bloody useless Interlink Express!

Right That's it. No fking heating Day 3 & now Interlink Express are taking the fking piss. Only the magic words "You're in breach of contract" worked. According to their online tracker they claim they tried to deliver Wednesday at 12.57pm when me, my mother & my carer were here. Obviously Wrong House. I message them telling them it's hard to find, pass on my number to the driver he'll need it. I reschedule for Friday & lo & behold I only discover they've 'been' today due to the website saying no one in. This time only 2 of us were in not 3. They did not come here! And as they've tried twice they'll leave it at a collection point Miles away in town And I'll need either a passport or a driving licence in my name to collect it. I have neither! I'm now hopping mad. There's no bloody phone number to be found on the website & of course the sorry we missed you card is in another house somewhere! I follow the Facebook link which gives me a number but it's not their direct number which after confusion I get put through to. And then the guy is incredibly unhelpful, totally disbelieving that anyone was in. I point out they didn't come here, etc I can't drive to get to town miles away & that I have no acceptable photo ID either. Well if it's not collected they'll just send it back to the sender he says. Right, that's It! I point out they're in breach of contract, they did Not even take it to the house as per the address. I messaged them Wednesday telling them house hard to find, here's my number pass it to the driver. Not a Thing from them Until Breach of Contract mentioned & oh, the depot have agreed to redeliver Monday & the driver will ring me when he's outside my house. Well I seriously doubt he'll be outside My house but ringing me when he thinks it's my house he's outside of will be a start.
Now for the heating..... :-(
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Direct Payments Temporary Support Agency

Well the councils Direct Payments department are Finally getting on with the £1242 overcharge by the previous agency. They also lost my papers! They only rang me Monday to make sure I was paying the increased £42.85 a week And this lady knew Nothing about the overpayment to the agency because I'm ill/knackered /confused by two invoices with the Same number but different amounts etc. Well she got on the case! Today a text from the old agency, they're looking into it and will let me (and council) know the outcome on Friday. All it takes is One support Professional to do their job and the agency are panicked into getting on with it after ignoring my first contact in January and my I'll report you in February. If Direct Payments Support Service got onto it Instead of Losing my paperwork this could have been sorted Months ago. Fingers crossed for Friday :-)

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New Cooker, 5 weeks wait!

From the other day posted on fb.

It took 23 hours to get a signal strong enough to place my sodding order for the special little replacement cooker. So it took 23 hours to know that it's going to be just over 5 weeks for delivery on Sunday 15th May! It took nearly an entire day to place the order as the signal continually crashed and required me to start from scratch Each time. Page by Page. Add cooker to basket. Next page to load or not. Add Installation. Update page. Add Recycling. Update page. Add Care Insurance. Update page. Load Reenter Email page. Load Reenter Password page. Load Rechoose Delivery Date page. Load Pay page. Then a Bank Reenter card details check as I so rarely use the credit card and I'm only using it now for its insurance. Every single crash meant Each Pages to reload each time!! Argh! I thought the Internet was meant to make things easier!

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Tobacco's Meds Update

Baccy has been on his new thyroid meds nearly 3 weeks & you can see him improving. 4 years or more we struggled to get the damn tablet down him twice daily & he was exceedingly skilled at tablet manipulation! But no battles with these meds, applied Once a day simply to the ear - bliss! For both of us lol And to ensure with alternating ears I don't forget which ear is due I created this, with pointy ear arrows & which day for that ear!

His epilepsy meds are mouth syringe, their dilution keeps those levels well even if he spits it out. But he's just had his first fit in months so is reasonably controlled as it were. So we're getting there for the little guy :-D


Feral Dopple went missing for 5-6 days.

Also part of the random catch up here. On March 13th feral Cat Cafe patron Dopple had been missing 5 days or more, no sign, my lot been doing the rounds enmasse looking for her around the garden and stables. (A gang of 7-9 cats all hanging out together doing the investigating rounds has to be seen to be believed!). Some days before this the estate had repaired the dropped roof tiles again and we discovered Very faint calls coming from there. Oddly whilst my mother and I heard her cries from the same place, we Never heard them at the same time!
Horribly Nothing could be done until the next day when my father and Tilly went up the step ladder and used a long pole to Push/force tiles loose. It was a struggle but they created a small gap big enough for her to escape. She didn't appear, we heard nothing and we couldn't reach to see as the roof is rather rotten :-( Some cats whose way of escape is blocked try to push their way through or forward, Dopple runs to hide in the opposite direction so banging and raised voices she'd have hidden away from :-(
4 hours later of my lot searching again in a huge feline gang and suddenly there she was, now with SEVEN feline friends at the back door! She was quite mucky around the neck in particular and was Utterly extastic to be with her beloved friends and brothers again. I'd been worried sick over the wee lass, she Doesn't go missing, she can't bear to be away from her boys so something was very wrong. Dopple is very sweet but rarely will she grant you permission to fuss her, every day since then she has granted that permission. But the time frame for each fuss is less each day bless her lol
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Bath Lift Failure

I've not posted in ages on my blog so I never did mention the failure of the bath lift on Monday 7th March. The bath finished so I held the control to go up only for the bath lift to stop working leaving me stuck 4" from the bottom of the bath! I'd commented it sounded wrong on the way down but it's supposed to have a built-in fail safe to stop it going down if it doesn't have the strength to get back up. What to do now??
I realised I'd got one chance at this, I got my carer to move the tall handled bath step further away, got her to stand on it (to act as an excellent counter balance!) and using that I used the wall grab rail and hauled myself up where she caught me at the top. Had it been anyone else, either rail fail/break, or the first attempt fail it wouldn't have worked. Carers are not allowed to lift clients. I'd have had no more strength to do it and the bath is narrow, not a chance of changing leg angle to step up via knee, thigh etc as you can off a floor. My arms hurt for days afterwards. The alternative would have been the Fire Brigade to rescue me.......!!!
Later it worked again but I was panic stricken it would break down again the next use. It has a 5 year warranty and under this was completely replaced 2½ years ago from similar problems. The company went bust last year - End of Warranty and any chance of repair as it's a sealed unit :-(
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Bowie mural to be protected.

Mural of
Bowie to hopefully be listed to protected status.

The mural was painted by Australian artist James Cochran, aka Jimmy C, in 2013. This became a shrine to Bowie after his death and is to be listed by the council to ensure its long-term protection.

The mural is on the side of Morleys department store in Brixton, the south London area where the star was born. Lambeth Council has said it is discussing with Bowie's family the possibility of a permanent memorial.

Suggestions The mural was painted by Australian artist James Cochran, aka Jimmy C, in 2013

A mural of David Bowie that became a shrine to the musician after his death is to be listed by the council to ensure its long-term protection.

The mural is on the side of Morleys department store in Brixton, the south London area where the star was born.

Lambeth Council has said it is discussing with Bowie's family the possibility of a permanent memorial.

Suggestions include renaming Tunstall Place, where the mural is sited, and a statue to the musician. The star died from cancer in January
"It is ultimately the family's decision as to what may be appropriate," said Councillor Lib Peck, leader of Lambeth Council. "We must respect that and be patient. Lambeth residents have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of affection visibly demonstrated by floral tributes, messages and people visiting the Bowie mural to pay their respects to this unique 'Brixton boy'.

"We are also in contact with the Bowie fan club and other Brixton organisations who want to honour the memory and legacy of this extraordinary artist."

I love the idea of the mural being listed :-)

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Utterly Random Internet Bits

Prime Ministers Mother Signs Anti-Cuts Petition hahaha brilliant!

Isle of Mull waterfall denied gravity during Storm Henry

Wonderful homeless woman challenges thief and takes back the items to the shop. Heartbreakingly this lady has been on the streets with her dog for 5 years near to the Lush shop that got raided.

Amazing Act of kindness to homeless man by bus driver wins award

Wrong, just Fucking wrong , London Double Decker explosion on a public bridge close to the public eye was just wrong especially as no Street warning signs were given. London has had so much terrorism to do this for an unconnected film is just fking wrong :-(

Utterly crazy, it's hardly a single room supplement charge!- Widow told motor homes with single occupancy not allowed at camp site!

Beautiful gardens and nature images found here :-)

Mouldy flat full of tenants discarded crap sells for small fortune in Essex.

Horrendous CCTV footage of Hit and Run at Brighton is finally released by police that resulted in arrest of driver and accomplice within hours.

National Stud breeding site has been closed following the discovery of Herpes virus Eww even horses get VD! The National Stud breeding site has been closed following the discovery of a neurological herpes virus infection. The virus was found in a maiden filly, which arrived from France on 20 January and has been fully vaccinated, in the health isolation unit. Five stallions are currently based on the outskirts of Newmarket at the 500-acre National Stud, which supports the thoroughbred breeding industry. They include former Group One-winning racehorses Toronado and Dick Turpin."

There, I did say it was utterly random!


Dodgy Satellite affected Digital Radio & BT Broadband down nationally

Who'd've thought it.... As an avid listener of the BBC Radio 4 Extra digital station and analogue radio to be switched off in the near future, an error with the Global Positioning System (GPS) network has been blamed for causing problems with digital radio broadcasts last week. The US Air Force said that removing a satellite from service had caused a software error. A BBC spokesman confirmed that the decommissioning of a GPS satellite led to difficulties for listeners receiving digital radio signals. The BBC understands several other satellites were affected.

The BBC National Ensemble [BBC radio stations) were affected and in response to the reported issues, the BBC said: "The outages were caused by a rogue GPS satellite (SVN23), which was taken out of service in the evening of 26 January."

The BBC has now learned that the problem occurred after a decommissioned satellite caused software problems which affected several other satellites.

The interesting new bit to me is that DAB transmitters must broadcast at exactly the same frequencies and, in order to synchronise, they lock on to GPS satellite signals.The GPS signals themselves broadcast the time and are supposed to be accurate to within a few nanoseconds.

However, on 26 January, one of the GPS satellites - named SVN23 - orbiting the Earth was decommissioned. This unexpectedly caused problems for the whole network. ( hate to think what'll happen in the future if something that should be so simple screws up so bad again - driverless cars anyone??)

"While the core navigation systems were working normally, the co-ordinated universal time timing signal was off by 13 microseconds which exceeded the design specifications," said the US Air Force in a statement. "The issue was resolved at 06:10 MST, however global users may have experienced GPS timing issues for several hours."

In fact, as a result of the problem, some GPS positioning would have been thrown off by nearly 4km.
The time discrepancy was picked up by the Metsahovi Radio Observatory in Finland.
It is not yet clear whether other systems around the world, such as navigational tools, were affected.
The BBC is still chasing the US Air Force for further details about the incident.

Even a tiny error in the time reported by GPS satellites can cause positioning miscalculations

"They knew they were decommissioning it so shouldn't they have been aware this would happen?" questioned Prof Danielle George, a radio engineer at the University of Manchester.

"It was decommissioned after 25 years -actually it should have just had a seven-and-a-half-year lifespan so it lasted a lot longer than it should have done."

Prof George added that had there only been a problem with one satellite, DAB transmitters would probably not have experienced difficulties.

"They shouldn't have seen an issue with that because as far as I understand the way they work is they need two frequencies to lock and there are a number of GPS [signals] to look at," she told the BBC.

"This should be treated as a warning of what could go wrong," said Martyn Thomas, a fellow at the Royal Academy of Engineering who has criticised technological reliance on GPS. "The world is dependent on GPS for a vast range of critical applications from navigation to financial trading, and precision docking of oil tankers to high tech farming."
Original story found here

And talking of technology...
BT Broadband down in many places nationally

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The Non Retro iPhone lol

Two great stories in the recent news, the first I thought this was a joke! It seems people with more money than brains are killing their iPhones Themselves by falling for a Fucking obvious Internet hoax and actually setting the date themselves to Jan 1st 1970... Naturally the poor little computer gets a tad confused and sinks into an unbreakable cycle of attempted reset. Thus your many hundreds of pounds worth of phone is decreased. Unworkable. All your pics, settings, notes gone And entirely your own fault.... Ah well...!
And also...
What a great story when giant, huge global market million/billion dollar company Apple is taken to the Small Claims Court by a Welsh man. An £339 scratch resistant Apple watch face cracked ten days on with general wear and tear from a self confessed clumsy fella. So he rang them to repair it and they refused. It goes against the Sale of Goods Act as well as their scratch resistant claim which they've had to drop. Who would have thought it, global giant Apple being taken to the Small Claims Court and losing lol