Second Avoided Hand Hold in Two Days 😀

So funny seeing the video of Melania Trump apparently slapping away Trumps hand. On the red carpet he goes to take her hand but in that split second she appears to slap it away, ir rather a slapping Away gesture. Now a couple of people have said it's not how it looks but watch their body language Not the hands. A split second after the 'slap' she looks away in the opposite direction, a huff kind of look and gesture. He then awkwardly adjusts his tie to cover up, what embarrassment? Awkwardness? Their body language says more than anything, she is not happy at this point. And turns out this is the Second time in two days... Opps 😀
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Manchester Bombing Update 😢

One of two teenage girls from the Isle of Barra who was unaccounted for after the suicide bombing in Manchester has been found alive in hospital. Fifteen-year-old Laura MacIntyre is said to be seriously injured. Her friend, 14-year-old Eilidh MacLeod remains unaccounted for.
Twenty-two people were killed and about 60 others were wounded in the explosion at Manchester's MEN arena.
The teenagers had not been seen since the attack on Monday night.
One found, the other still missing 😢
Dreadfully sad, the missing eight year old girl is dead. She got separated from her mother and sister who were badly injured and ended up in separate hospitals. When it was confirmed my carer and I were in tears, her little girl is around the same age 😢
22 people have died, 8 years old Saffie Rose Roussos presumably attending the treat of her life at the concert 😢, Georgina Callander about 18, John Atkinson 28. The only confirmed deaths so far of the 22 killed. Many of those injured are seriously injured with life threatening injuries 😣😢
Those who died 😢
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Wild Sealion attacks girl

This is the problem that's always existed but the Internet has made more likely to be caught out due to the sharing of cute pictures, cute videos of tame or wild animals. A sea lion, wild as they should be was being fed by people so when he saw the little girl sitting on the harbour wall in a split second it grabbed her dress and dragged her backwards straight under the water. A guy shot into the water and rescued her but the signs were everywhere, do not feed, be careful, keep your distance. Parents didn't bother to take note. Luckily the little girl about 6-8 was unharmed other than I should think shock, being soaked through and perhaps bitten on the bottom!
But these are wild animals, dangerous and unpredictable not cute pets 😒
Sea Lion grabs young girl
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19 dead, about 50 hurt at Manchester Arena blast, terrorism involved

Dear Gods, there's been an explosion at Manchester Arena during an Ariana Grande concert who is apparently a popular young US artist. 19 known dead, around 50 hurt.
Explosion at Manchester Arena

Copied and Pasted from the BBC report, excerpts include...
"Nineteen people have been killed and about 50 injured in a suspected terror attack at Manchester Arena. Police were called to reports of an explosion at the venue at about 22:35 BST following a pop concert by the US singer Ariana Grande.
The cause of the blast is unknown but North West Counter Terrorism unit is treating it as a possible terrorist incident, sources have told the BBC. Greater Manchester Police is working to set up a contact number for relatives. Officers have told the BBC there is a second suspect device near where the first explosion occurred. Reporters were moved away from the scene and a controlled explosion has taken place. BBC Home Affairs Correspondent Daniel Sandford said senior counter-terrorism officers were assembling in London and liaising with the Home Office."
"The BBC's Tim Ashburner, who is at the scene, spoke to some volunteer paramedics who treated the injured for "shrapnel-like injuries". A number of eyewitnesses have described the confusion in the aftermath. Andy Holey, who had gone to the arena to pick up his wife and daughter who had been at the concert, said: "As I was waiting, an explosion went off and it threw me about 30ft from one set of doors to the other set of doors. "When I got up I saw bodies lying on the ground. My first thought was to go into the arena to try to find my family. "When I couldn't find them, I went outside with the police and fire and looked through some of the bodies to try and find my wife and daughter. "I managed to find them eventually and they're OK. "It was definitely an explosion and it was some force. It happened near the box office at the entrance to the Arena." Andy says he saw "about 30" people scattered, some of whom "looked dead".

BBC Reporter - "I've spoken to people who are shaken, scared and often tearful. One thing that's apparent is there are many, many young people, some of them with parents and guardians. One mother told me her priority was simply to get her daughters home. Other people have been more candid and have described seeing people covered in blood, or being treated by paramedics. There's still a huge sense of confusion and people are constantly searching for information while letting their families know they're safe. Robert Tempkin, 22, from Middlesbrough, said: "Everyone was screaming and running, there were coats and people's phones on the floor. People just dropped everything. "Some people were screaming they'd seen blood but other people were saying it was balloons busting or a speaker had been popped."

There's always some utter twat faced with the absolute proof but insists it was something entirely different 😣 The Manchester Arena is the biggest indoor venue in the city with a capacity of around 18,000 for concerts and its foyer connects with Victoria train and tram station, a major hub on the northern edge of the city centre.
Very sadly Ariana Grande who I hadn't even heard of, not even remotely,is a 23-year-old American TV teen actress-turned-pop star and is a huge draw for young fans, hence the age of those attending with parents and guardians. It is a simple target for terrorism if this is what it is.
But Manchester has rallied around, after all the UK has suffered mainland bombs and terrorism for decades, this isn't new to us.
Within an hour of reports of the incident emerging, people began offering spare rooms and beds to people stranded in the city using the hashtag #RoomForManchester. Hundreds of tweets offering places to stay are being shared and re-tweeted thousands of times. Well done Manchester, but oh my heart goes out to you and those killed, their families and those injured and affected by this atrocity 💜

It's a what?! 😂

Today's carer, backing away edgily from the kitchen door, announces sounding rather panicky "The cats playing with some enormous bug!". Upon confirmation it is about one inch, a huge big bugger, big carapace, "Ah," I say "It's a cockchafer" She looks at me horrified, "It's a what?". Now I don't know for certain what she was thinking but I can guess 😂😱😂
Cockchafer, also known as May-bug appear at this time of year, crash into lit windows of an evening, buzz about for the next few months, fascinating scarab dudes 😊
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EBay Gamble is Fabulous!

My stupidity paid off. Hard to photograph to do it justice but this is for the future. It's actually metal, the back and octopus hooks. EBay, 99p & £5.00 postage as bloody heavy. I love it because it's incredibly unusual and has the potential to be done up for years! Change the colour of the back, change the colour of the octopus (octopi? 😂) , do them all the same or different colours but white, blue, aqua and green will be the colours involved. So why was I stupid? I bought this on eBay previously, the seller failed to send, respond etc just one I'll send it, (didn't). I went to eBay got my money back. Searching again for anything remotely similar I see it up for sale again *sigh* what to do? It is So unusual, incredibly unusual, quirky and has long term revamp possibilities. I waited as the auction came to the end and no one else bid..... Debating with myself but Nope, gotta try again, there really is nothing else like it, and that price? Bid, won, no communication, no mention or marking of sent but today delivered by my fabulous postman, asking what are you buying now?! My carer says it feels like a coat rack?! I'll be using this for the bathroom, just thinking about colours. Each octopus unscrew s from the back too so very simple indeed to do up 😊
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Agency Sent Stranger breaking their agreement 😡

Instead of the expected carer for the tea call the agency sent in a Complete stranger Without informing me whatsoever so immediately my agoraphobia kicked in. Also after the Carer Thief they sent me, they'd also said they wouldn't send anyone new to here and stick with my mini team of 4. Which swiftly became 5. Then a sixth to which I've said dire emergencies only and only at the tea call. Almost instantly the barrage of questions started including..... "What's wrong with you? You look fine", (nice 😬) "How old are you?" (yes I look very young but that's connective tissue disease contracting my body), "Why don't you have a partner?" (because that's my business not yours, and I am celebate from disease complications,) "Did you ever have a partner?" (yes but decades ago, he was a violent and controlling bastard and I never talk of him), "Why aren't you with him?", I said he was a dickhead (because I'm not telling you my Private personal life), "So why aren't you with him?". (BECAUSE IT'S NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS!! And he was a total cunt. And it took me Years to get past the damage and triggers still happen now), "Are you a white witch?" (no. No such thing exists. But I'm getting tempted to hex again), "Do you do spells?" (don't need to but right now Silencio would be good!), "Are you a writer?" (i write for the Mass Observation Archive but that's nothing for you to know, I'm a diarist and blogger), "Do you make these?" (yes, no, depends), "You even laugh like a witch" (I'll give you that, I do have a witches cackle), "Do you have any siblings?" (no), "Were you spoilt?" (we didn't have much but I appreciated what we had is what I said, thinking that I've never been abroad, we didn't get colour television until the early 1980s, didn't have an automatic washing machine until 1987, and we bought icecream for tea in a bowl we took out to the icecream van then put in the fridges icebox for later, so yeah really spoilt), "You're quirky" (the house is quirky, I am eccentric), "You don't give much away do you?" ....... Well yeah, you're a fucking stranger!!! And No I don't give much away at all face to face anyway!
She didn't introduce herself either (but that tends to happen here as people are so stunned at finding it eventually) so I'd no idea who she was until she started talking to herself! I was so panicked about having a stranger that I failed to ask her. Thing is, she actually did a very good job and loved it here! But the fucking agency had Agreed my Team to which they added a fifth carer. But this week this is the second person Not of my team they've sent 😡
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Awesome bargain!

Well this certainly was the bargain of the day! £5.99 reduced to £2.99, but only was £1 at the till! B&M again, bloody brilliant! It's cream with the flower seed heads in metalic gold, very lovely and big too at 48cm x 48cm. £1 for a cushion and the cover? Just wow, I am well happy 😁
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Dark Dreams Roof Complete ☺

Well daylight showed that the Dark Dreams roof thatched last night was an excellent success, my parents and Tilly thought it was great and the diamond pattern shows nicely, subtlety but visible, go me 😁 So after my parents left tonight I decided to finish it. I put on the Fawlty Towers audio cd and got going on the eaves which was awkward because of the angle but it is finished now and I'm really happy with it. A few major jobs to go on it and then it will be shut down for the future. It's been lovely to work on that given how stagnant that project had become ☺

Bloody Horse has eaten the holly tree now!

Tilly called in Friday evening to do even more repair work on the garden. The horse has eaten Every branch from the back of my beautiful holly tree! I thought she was looking a bit bare but never once thought that the horse would be daft enough or bored enough to eat a holly tree! Because she had eaten the holly she was now able to reach the cherry tree so that was chomped as well. Then the really gobsmacking one, she'd managed to eat the oak tree. Now this was under the bedroom window! She'd managed to stretch across over the fence, reaching Over 3ft, Reached the oak and dragged using her teeth 3ft to the fence! This is beyond belief! So Despite thinking that we had finished everything in the garden (with the exception of weeding/topping up) these pots needed moving. Now the holly tree is about 10ft tall in a pot some 3ft or more wide, this is heavy!! The cherry tree only a little smaller, the oak is about 3ft tall. Upon moving these we discovered that she'd reached both the fruit shrubs there too. So far estate damage and horse damage to the garden is around £1000 now 😤 So yeah, Tilly had to call in and move them before there was nothing left. Discovered too how she is eating the holly, she simply chomps a branch off, eats the entire branch until she gets to the sharp leaves, then she bites the branch so the leaves drop to the ground! No wonder she ate the arbour!!
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Red Rag to a Postman!

My postman is absolutely brilliant and really lovely fella but he's got a thing about bad drivers and bad parking and we're on the same fb local group so I hear about it there too 😁 I was talking the other day with my mother and we were saying that his grandkids are going to grow up and remember grandad for moaning on about crap drivers and shit parking 😀 This is still better however than my remembering of my granddad which is pipe smoke and his being a bit of a pervert!! 😂 (Sadly this is true!).
Now I only found this out later on, he'd delivered my post today and my parents and I had gone out and were parked up in the market place, my father nipping into the shop. Whilst waiting for my father I was looking at several cars parked badly in different places and was thinking of my postman because he'd be going crackers over them. Unknown to me, as my father had got out of the car my postman had cycled past the back of our car! Weird enough I was thinking of him at the time but if I'd known I could have dragged him off the bike to point them out - just to wind him up 😂😂

Gorgeous Mosaic Lightshade 💟💖💟

This awesome lampshade was just £14.99 eBay free post and it's absolutely awesome, I really love it 😍 Randomly searching on eBay for a lampshade to go in my bedroom I have looked for months, nothing appealed or rather some did but weren't really right. The other night I tried Moroccan lampshades search but too Colourful for the room and usually very pricey too. I tried mosaic lampshade and bugger me to there it was, And it came in six colours too. The amber and red look amazing but this is a teal blue which is perfect. I almost went for the light green, an almost blue shade really but I think it would not have been so complimentary. And so, less than 3 days after ordering, it was here and I opened it with trepidation (had it got here in one piece, would it be right, and ARGH an audience (my mother and Tilly) as I open parcel /gift which I really hate!) but it was fantastic and I haven't stopped going on about it all day!!
It's 20cm across, good strong glass, mosaic, outstanding value and free delivery at £14.99 and bloody unusual! I am so glad I got it 😊

Afraid in Prison 😕

I woke this morning feeling absolutely exhausted, wrung out, tense and stressed. And afraid, very afraid. I'd dreamt I was in prison and everyone was trying to push their way into wherever I went. I was told to go through the doors, had no choice and I was petrified and as soon as I went through them I was assessed and sized up immediately by all the men, women and transgender people there. When I tried to change my clothes they were looking through the doors, above and below, coming in, threatening, bullying, or nicely chatting with i strongly suspected, ulterior motives, same as when I tried to go to the loo. I was afraid of everyone and didn't know how they'd react. Thing is I'd been thinking about the future before I went to sleep and the dream does reflect how I feel about having people around me. The 'prison' of the future and the terror of people around me, ugh 😞😣 I woke feeling absolutely shattered and tense as hell 😞 with an odd, off feeling that hasn't left me all day 😞
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Conservatives Plan Leave Me & 3.5 Million from voting!

I find this news both extremely concerning and incredibly infuriating, the Conservatives are to stop people from voting if they don't own a passport or a driving licence. I have never been abroad in my life so have never owned a passport and I am not allowed to drive anymore either. Under Conservative plans I will not be able to vote. Even though until the last few years I actually Was a Conservative voter - but that was based on the local MP, Anne McIntosh. When she was pushed out because Malton didn't want her Thirsk was then forced to have a MP that didn't suit here! End of my support.
Anyway these absurd plans are to force people to show ID when they vote so could stop millions of people from taking part in future elections. The law would stop an estimated 3.5 million people, or 7.5 per cent of the electorate, from voting, according to the Electoral Commission.
Just because America was infected by Russia who the hell says we would be?? Also this is barely an incident never mind a major problem! The laws are intended to cut down on electoral fraud but according to a government report published late last year, there were 51.4 million votes cast and only a total of 26 allegations of fraud by people voting in person. So 51.4 million votes cast and 26 possible fraud in person. I can't do the percentage but I'm guessing it is a 0.000000000001%type of number. A vote is So important! It's so vital and this is definitely something that prevents societies poor or/and disabled from having a voice 😡 I'm dismayed, angry and really upset, women fought for the vote, now it's being taken away if you have no drivers licence and don't go abroad /have holidays 😤😣
Despicable Conservative Plan to Remove the Right to Vote if you have no drivers licence or passport 😣