Thank fk for Radio 4 Extra

Despite my dreadful cold I'd a lovely afternoon, Tilly down then my parents - my father went out shopping then home, so just me and my mum. And it was a lovely evening just us two. At 10.50pm he arrives 20 minutes late to collect my mum and the moaning starts. Then it got terrible again. Last Saturday was horrific with him too. I need to write that poison out my system. It's like the poison seeps through your blood, through your soul turning it black :'(
And so tonight I was deeply wound up, deeply upset. I heard as always The Seventh Dimension on Radio 4 Extra the excellent Planet B, a sci-fi series where virtual reality games hold the living avatars of humans both alive and dead in the real world. Then Ghost Zone another sci-fi fantastic series. After that it was the omnibus of the Radio 4 stories which don't normally appeal to me, a gripping family drama, part 2 next week at 1am about twins, one of whom is in a coma then dies. It doesn't sound much like that but the story is told from her twin brothers view and he could still hear her. Lots of twists and plot turns and it's left until next week that the 15 year old who was pregnant and had told no one, left at the point where her laptop was found and it was discovered that she had an online persona of a sexual kind.... Looking forward to next weeks omnibus to see what is discovered that led to her death and was it as accidental as thought...
2.10am it finished. 2.15am fatal mistake the play 'Love Virtually' starts with David Tennants voice..... That's me hooked!! I love his voice, it's silky smooth like velvet, like hot chocolate, comforting and sexy as hell. It was about a relationship that started due to a wrongly typed email address. Amelia Fox was the lady, David Tennant the chap and it was seriously well done, what great twists towards the end too, it was brilliant to listen to. The bugger was it didn't finish until 3am, argh! Worth it though :-)

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Weird Cold!

I've had a pretty ferocious cold these last few days. Spoke to Tilly earlier when I announced that I was feeling 'gropey' rather than ropey and my main pureed food supplier rang earlier asking if Rowena was fine and did she need to order this week? Bizarrely I answered that Rowena was OK and she didn't need to order thank you! Got off the phone and burst out laughing, why didn't I say it Was me?!!
It's also a weird cold, violent sneezes - never less than 3 each time, usually a double sneeze with an instant follow up! My carer today is very likely to be infected by me, bloody useless flu jab. It is a very weird cold though with just only one half of my face affected and of course it's the nerve damaged side. Gobsmackingly there's a tiny bit of eye watering too, something I've not had in years! One nostril running constantly, face pain from the cold itself and a sore throat on one half too. Came to bed early and just grossly (but I no longer care) stuck tissue paper up the nostril that's just non stop running - only to have Tubby sat on the floor gazing at me with a WTF expression lol

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Stop! Police! - Splat!

A drug dealer being chased by police got more than he bargained for when a passerby stuck his leg out tripping the criminal up lol The CCTV footage that caught him doing it lasts only 9 seconds but it's such a casual move! Like it was such a casual split second decision that the guy appears to have both hands in his pockets lol British calm and serenity lol

And over you go....

in the news

2 Speeding Trains Crash Head On in Germany

Dreadful accident as 2 passenger trains collide head-on at speed near Bad Aibling, (37 miles from Munich) in the German state of Bavaria. Nine people killed including the drivers of both trains and two train guards, about 100 were injured, of whom 50 were seriously hurt. Both trains had partially derailed and were wedged into each other.
Because the area where it happened is densely wooded, hilly with the Mangfall River nearby some emergency teams were winched in by helicopter and casualties evacuated by boat and by helicopter.
Several hundred emergency services personnel were at the scene and rescue teams from nearby Austria were also helping, local media said.
The Munich blood bank issued an appeal for blood donors on its Facebook page.
German Justice Minister Heiko Maas tweeted (in German): "Really awful news from #badaibling - our thoughts are with the victims and injured. Thanks to the rescue workers".

My thoughts are with them all, the victims, the injured, the grieving or terrified families not knowing the outcome. May their Gods be with them.

Deadly Head On Train Crash in Germany

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Rabbit the size of a dog in Glasgow needs new home

He's called Altas and the Scottish SPCA says this massive seven-month-old rabbit, which is the size of a dog, needs a new home. He's Enormous, the lady in the photo can barely hold him! He is a continental giant rabbit requiring experienced owners with a large home, and he looks bigger than a small dog kennel!

"Atlas is already about the size of a westie and is still young with some growing to do," said centre manager Anna O'Donnell."He is a very friendly rabbit who loves attention and getting cuddles. Atlas is also an inquisitive boy who makes everyone laugh with his mischievous character. We are looking for a specific home for Atlas due to his breed and size.A standard rabbit hutch won't do so his new owner will need plenty of space for him." (Really?!)
"The world's largest rabbit is called Darius. He's more than four feet long, weighs three and a half stone and lives in Bromsgrove,Worcestershire."
4 foot long, if he stood up he could look out a window when indoors!

Meet Atlas, an Enormous young Continental Giant bunny...

Coz, mother coz

Remembering Mother Coz

A year ago today (Feb 6th) Marie passed away to finally be reunited with her beloved desperately missed son Kevin.
I miss you Marie, I miss your letters, I miss your stories of Kevin. I miss Kevin through our connection that's broken in this world. I miss Coz, it's like he died again when you passed on.
Today has been terrible, worse still as I've neither been able to mourn you or celebrate your life. It's been just so bloody terrible
bagpuss, bottle, lcc

The Bagpuss Sanity Restorer

After a truly dreadful day of staggering NHS cover ups from expected and deeply unexpected places I got to bed to find.... This set up from my mother. She gave me the Bagpuss wheatbag a while ago but I was not expecting to find him tucked up In my bed, wearing my mothers glasses and reading my Patricia Cornwell book... :-D
It's the little things that make the difference :-)
crazy cat

Vets Home Visit for Daisy and Tom

Chaotic day! My father arrived to collect my mother for the solicitors meeting today, then my carer arrived just 2 minutes before the vet did to see Tom and Daisy!
Tom has an infected toe, it's quite large from swelling, the leg is hot and he's running a high temperature. Yesterday (Sunday) afternoon Tom awoke with a distressed sounding mew and shook his leg a while rather like he had cramp. Late evening he was walking oddly, twisting the leg out and had real problems walking. This gave the impression it was his leg and he put up with all the handling, leg prods and manipulation very well. Until she got to the toe at which he Hissed and my mother and the vet jumped back! I've known my Tom many years and I've never known him ever hiss. We think he's walking with his leg twisted to avoid putting weight on the painful outer toe, sensible but threw those of us trying to work out what the problem was. And so Tom's had long lasting antibiotic and painkiller too. Can't find a puncture wound or thorn stuck etc so time will tell. I was right proud of my huge old ginger Tom cat :-) Former feral, loves fuss but not keen on handling but I've always made a point of handling them on an irregular basis so it's not unusual to them for veterinary examination type handling.
The same applies to former feral Daisy. She was always tiny lithe frame but exceptionally strong and this unexpected strength in such a tiny feline has caught out many a disbelieving vet lol Anyway our Daisy has swiftly gained substantial weight and is markedly less active. Whilst she's just hit the start of feline senior years I've not seen anything like this before in all my many cats over the years. She had been perfect weight, highly active, she's not eating much but all the symptoms are out of normal. She has had blood tests taken and results just three hours later show kidney, liver, glucose levels normal. So we've got to get a urine sample in and bring her in, (they'll x-ray if urine ok).
During all this my carer changed the bed both staying out of the way and doing it a day early as it's the dentist Consultant appointment tomorrow then the doctor :-(
And then I had my bath! Bloody hell! Now it looks like snow filled clouds out there!
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