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Shelter Cats Inseparable

This struck a chord with me, I see how much my lot adore each other. Different relationships but Tom, Checkers and Tubby will be found arms wrapped around each other, Tubby and Rain have a strong relationship and of course Tom was full time carer to Tobacco and they all looked after him.

Luna and Louie, The two cats of this story found each other at the shelter and became inseparable friends. Clearly absolutely a love story of extreme friendship.

(Photo by James @JamesC0nquer)
"Luna is a brown and orange Maine Coon and Louie is an orange tabby," James told Love Meow. "When we adopted them, they were extremely close off the bat. They liked each other more than they liked us."

Before James found these two best friends, he and his girlfriend went to the shelter to look for a dog (no!!) but ended up taking both kitties home.
The story of Luna and Louie at LoveMeow 😻

Father Christmas uses Makaton to talk to little girl

This is such a beautiful moment. A little girl aged 3 with Downs Syndrome and impaired hearing and vision was on the Weardale Polar Express when Father Christmas approached and struck up a conversation in Makaton with her. This is Amazing and her first experience of Father Christmas so incredibly special for her although she's not old enough to realise quite how special and unusual this is.
One very special Father Christmas 🎅
I wish everyone was taught Makaton and the basics of British Sign Language at school. Imagine what a different world it would be. I also wish schools taught basic First Aid and basic Self Defense. Pupils could go on to study further if they chose but a bit like the French you learnt at school, I've never had the chance to use it but I remember little bits. That can be enough to help someone or stop them feeling so isolated 😊
When I was desperately ill about 10 years ago, I had to learn Finger Spelling. I had episodes where I was so poorly I couldn't speak or write, Finger Spelling was the only way. Bloody hard to learn too when violently ill and off my head on anti-convulsants and morphine!
yuletide celebrations, christmas

Beautiful Polish Christmas Ad 🎄

This really is a very touching Christmas ad, you certainly don't guess what it is about and it actually kept me engaged watching it. The rubber duck scene however made me laugh out loud! The whole advert is incredibly beautiful and a message of kindness not all the greed of the latest "must-have", can't live without expensive meaningless crap the UK seems to have today. Do watch if you have the time 😊
Very touching Christmas ad from Poland 🎄😊

1 in 11 cases of psychosis may be a treatable immune disorder

This does not surprise me at all. A study (though needs serious study not this pathetic effort!) reported in the Lancet Psychiatry says that up to 1 in 11 patients sectioned with psychotic conditions, such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, may actually have a treatable immune disorder. The finding is controversial but I am very aware of people with autoimmune diseases that are blood, connective tissue disease etc that have brain involvement. The experts take Decades to diagnose. I know of a lady whose undiagnosed Lupus destroyed her brain 30 years Before her Lupus was discovered. By which time her Lupus was terrible because the drugs were totally wrong. I have sympathetic nerve dysfunction from it and my central nervous system is also affected.
In the cases discovered, antibodies that should protect the body were instead attacking the surface of the brain's cells and disrupting their function. This transforms the treatment and the lady in the report even had these antibodies filtered out of her blood. That is amazing!
Read the amazing discovery here ☺
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Very Rare Dusky Thrush Seen in Derbyshire! 🐦

Twitchers have flocked to Derbyshire after a very rare Asian Dusky Thrush was spotted the other day. The little bird looks rather lovely despite its name sounding like an exotic sexually transmitted disease 😮😁

Pic by Neil Branham?
Beautiful report on the bird, the amateur Twitcher who saw it and the childrens charity where the little bird is living at the moment. The Twitchers have helped raise over £1000 for the charity by car parking fees, food and donations. I think the little Dusky Thrush should be made part of the charities logo 😊🐦
Very Rare Asian Dusky Thrush Seen in Derbyshire- BBC report 🐦
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Can't even get lights without it fking up!

Nothing ever straight forward for us. The outside lights promised to be in stock at Argos on Thursday weren't in Stock. The only two in stock, Reserved for us weren't available at all when my father went to collect them. As they were in the half price sale Argos agreed to order in for Monday and hold the sale price too as that finished before the weekend. Today my father goes in, he's accidentally charged full price which after some confusion was sorted. The chap brings the boxes out from the back.... One rattles. Oh dear 😕 Yup broken. They'll order a replacement. *sigh* He'll collect it Wednesday.....
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Hoist repaired, now operates in reverse!

The powerchair hoist was fixed today, the only repair man is two towns away. Apparently lots was going inside, bolts sheered off, breaking, loose cables etc. But this is a heavy duty powerchair hoist, the original hoist took just over the chairs weight and didn't last long (obvious to anyone that would happen) but this hoist has been designed to take up to 20st chairs. But, it's fixed. Repaired. And rewired. Backwards,apparently the only way to make the hoist work. Up is Down. Down is Up. Left is Right. Right is Left. My father is gonna have a total balls up with That when we're next out!!
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Freezing Cold and Agency Insanity

So, the last few days. Violently ill last night with an attempted Ogilves attack and far too cold in the house to have my bath day bath ❄🛁❄ The heating thermostat was actually at 24° for some hours (it's usually 18°/19°!) and me with a cardi on, leccy fire on full And the door closed! The door closed thing is the most unusual of all! Once the night drew in I could pull the thermal blinds down and it makes a huge difference. And I was able to turn the thermostat right down too. But the bathroom, we'd pulled the curtains, turned the radiator up to the maximum, closed the door and it was still icy cold. There's no extra wall heater which is really needed.
Other crap goings-on, yesterday a week to the day that the carer roasted the bacon rashers in the oven (!) Sundays carer dropped my dinner on the floor just as she was coming to hand it to me! I didn't shout and wouldn't have anyway unless it was avoidable. Quite simply it dropped from her hand straight onto the floor! 2 eggs, 2) blitzed) bacon rashers down to ⅓ of the bacon, 1 full egg and the yolk of the other left to eat 🍳 so I had a pudding after! 🍮 I saw it happen, she didn't trip, was totally concentrating on the job but disaster struck. I laughed. What else can you do??! It did make me sad though, all that bacon across the floor, Tobacco would have been in his element scoffing his way through the lot 😞☺
Then today I smelt this. This spoilt smell was traced to the overflow tray for the kettle. I don't know what this is! (as the photo shows!) It was thick like fat with a skimmable thick skin. It took some shifting too and I then soaked it in Zoflora. This goes to show what excellent hygienic cleaning the carers are doing!! I wonder if some are adding milk first, the automatic water pours in, and it overflows into the tray to go rancid, would explain the smell and fatty like substance. And I have skimmed milk too!