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Agency visit leaves me very discombobulated

There's a friends only post before this with way more info but today this evenings call left me feeling incredibly discombobulated. There's a fair few things not going well but it's incredibly hard to be taken seriously despite my record of no problems & zero breakages before certain recent arrivals And No breakages with the previous company which is known to this agency.

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Taking the piss

Ebays fking Buyers Can't Be Arsed To Collect

For Fucks Sake... First shite of the evening. EBay. Three Buyer To Collect items. Lady bought the mannequin early this morning will collect an evening this week. Please Gods she does!
Sunday May 15 offer accepted on medicine cabinet, can collect asap they say. I hear nothing until Wednesday, can they collect Sunday? Yes. Not a fucking word from them, I sent a payment reminder and are you still coming. Nothing. No show. Time waster
Sunday 15 May offer accepted on a chair. Nothing. Not a Fking word. Not a payment & ignoring Payment /Collection Reminders. Fking time waster. It's hard enough clearing out without fking twats wasting my time.
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New Bride Dies Night of Her Wedding

This is such a terrible tragedy, the bride Mariola Michalowski, just 38, passed away just hours after celebrating her marriage to partner Krzystof, 34, in a small ceremony in Richmond, North Yorkshire. Krzystof had woken to feed their youngest child Veronica, one, assuming his new wife was still asleep in bed. When he returned he realised she was not breathing and called an ambulance after giving Mariola CPR. She had already been dead some hours. She leaves behind her a baby of one, and a toddler of two and devastated new husband and family. She suffered severe epilepsy and a nocturnal seizure is what took her life. Poor poor lady. The wedding photos will be ready just as her funeral will take place... Dear Gods :'(

Terrible tragedy :'(
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EBay Mannequin!

Fuck me but the wire frame vintage mannequin has sold Buyer to Collect Within 5 hours of going live on eBay. I shall miss her, she's been with me 24 years and once had to be removed from the spare bedroom in the middle of the night many years ago because a drunk farmer friend was staying over and was freaked out by the 'lady in the room'!
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Soggy Moggies

Poor wee former feral fur ball Rain was Drenched when she came in tonight, crying at the window frantic for me to hurry. Naturally thanks to my mothers pampering she Waited to be towel dried before eating! She definitely needed it but it's the patient wait to be towel dried that gets me. If it's Daisy her purring starts the second she sees that towel coming at her! And if the towel is warm (yes my mother whilst visiting will warm towels just in case!) then the Purrs are decibel level! It is Extremely quiet tonight, even the rain is falling silently it seems but I am thrilled to have just heard the house Martins outside the bedroom window, twice now :-) Today was different in the way that only my day can go....!! More on That tomorrow :-D
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hey ladies ....

The Walking Dead Attraction at Universal Studios!

Oh my stars, this would be fantastic to see!! Universal Studios as well as the awesome Harry Potter World there have created a yet to open The Walking Dead Attraction... (so is that Daryl Dixon or Rick Grimes cos I wouldn't object to either lol). I think this will be Fabulous. It also reminds me of a recent story in the news where the guys who play Daryl Dixon and Glen (Norman Reedus and Stephen Yeun) were between filming scenes so went off with their motorbikes and came across an Road accident where a car had hit something. You can just imagine the poor victim, all shook up and shocked coming to to Find Daryl and Glen waiting with you! If you'd concussion you'd be really fucked up, maybe waiting for the walkers to come get you.... Lol

The Walking Dead Attraction..!
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Roasted Radishes - out of this world flavour!

This was the most divine dinner especially after dental work with no anaesthetic which left me rather shaky, weak & worn out. And our first meal from the new Baby Belling cooker. Along with gorgeous lemon pepper chicken breasts from Johnsons Butchers in town, we did roasted radishes. The recipe from Tillys magazine & one of my carers introduced me to delicious roasted beetroot as I don't like it normally so I figured why not give roasted radishes a try? I'd eat them again right this minute if I could! They're done with garlic, rosemary, olive oil & a dash of sea salt & cracked black peppercorns & were out of this world! We can't describe the flavour at all, I know nothing like it. However I can say that they reminded me of jellyfish bollocks due to a pinkish red outer skin & a translucent inside lol Not that I've ever seen jellyfish bollocks but it's how I would imagine them! If I had to. If they have them! I'll stop now! And so the first meal cooked with the Baby Belling was a Huge success. Accompanying the aforementioned unmentionables we'd roasted lemon pepper chicken breast with a dab of garlic butter & done a potato/sweet potato mash. Absolutely bloody gorgeous & divine after so many weeks of poor oven cooking :-) I really must post the recipe properly and post the pics of the new cooker too.

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Tuesday and Wednesday - humidifier broken and dentist

2am & we discover the carers Have Broken my Humidifier, this being Bloody essential nocturnal equipment as my dry lung is worse at night. Yesterday the carer said the bedroom carpet was quite damp (due to the cooker mayhem I never checked & assumed it was from misting) but we now know this to be from leaking as my mother saw it tonight & the carpet is Saturated. The tank is suddenly out of shape so not quite in alignment thus leaking heavily. This can only mean that someone has Dropped the tank & not bothered to tell me. The trouble is that the leaking water has run into & soaked the electric motor which reeks of electrical burning & would be dangerous to use. £69.99 this one cost. This is the 5th or 6th replacement since carers from various companies have damaged/dropped/soaked the motor inside it. How can I Prove carers have broken it?? It was fine Friday and Saturday, Sunday they never said a word and Monday the effects of the damage were first visible.

What a Day AGAIN! We're Knackered!! Did not sleep well last night from the lack of humidifier & feel rough from it today, and a lot of nasty shoulder /back /head pain from yesterday's dentist work. Then I'd a bit of a fight getting the agency to accept the humidifier is even broken! The boss hasn't fully agreed yet. The bedroom carpet reeks of wet old wool :-( Then the estate has a water pipe burst so little to no water tonight. I seem to have spent all bloody day messaging the boss over humidifier and tomorrow's outing complications. I'm a very slow texter & that Bluetooth keyboard I got loses signal so much (new batteries or not) it's more hassle than help. We are about to finally take it easy but my father will be here soon with the new humidifier which will have to be set up....! I am So KNACKERED!!
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'Bad' Friday...

As just said I actually had a Really good day agency wise yesterday And I've got a bidder on a gorgeous rug on eBay... And then I was violently ill late evening and had to go to bed when I could finally get there and it's all my own fault. I can only have soft or pureed food. I'd been craving tuna mayo sandwich. So I ate one. Too solid. Cue Oramorph, violent gut pains, heavy sweating back, front, arms, legs, neck, hair wringing wet and I'll leave out the toilet visits and retching. And that was a mild Ogilves attempt. But oh goddamit that sandwich was So Tasty, it's so unfair ... :-(
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'Good' Friday...

Friday Had been good before I fkd it up, (next post for that!) very good agency support, agency agreed to pay the cost of the replacement humidifier - two carers supported my case in verifying they'd seen the water everywhere. When I woke this squirrel was making the most of the Bird feeders and dear ancient feral Padre was enjoying the sunshine waiting for the house to wake up and her friends to emerge.... :-)