The Time Travel of "In The Army" and Amos

In the charity shop yesterday, this came on the radio and I was transported through time to another place. To the memories of a friend who meant a lot to me, his nickname was Amos. I was forced to leave Matlock in Derbyshire in 1987 because of family circumstances. I didn't want to go and did everything possible to try not to go but at 14 you have no choice. Moving from Matlock destroyed every dream of the future career and qualifications I had wanted but that's another story. I never knew which of my friends continually went into the estate agents where our house was for sale and persistently removed All the sheets with the details of our house so people wouldn't find it. It was only years later that my mother mentioned it to me, she thought I knew all about it whereas I never did. I am grateful for their efforts to prevent my leaving but never did know who did it. Many of my friends did not want me to go, it destroyed everything. And two years later we moved hundreds of miles again to Yorkshire.
Amos didn't want me to go. When I had moved to The Gower, Swansea he would ring me up begging me to come back. He applied for the army, perhaps some kind of cadets and took a photo of me on the course with him and was devastated when he lost it. He asked me to marry him even though we'd never been together and I'd never thought of him in that way.
Some years later he married young and fathered twins. I last saw him aged 14. His children are at least 25 years old. He could be a grandparent now. I often wonder what Amos is doing these days 😏

Status Quo - In the Army Now
A vacation in the foreign land
Uncle Sam does the best he can
You're in the army now
Oh, oh, you're in the army, now

Now you remember what the draft man said
Nothing to do all day but stay in bed
You're in the army now
Oh, oh you're in the army, now

You'll be a hero of the neighborhood
Nobody knows that you left for good
You're in the army now
Oh, oh, you're in the army, now

Smiling faces on the way to 'Nam
But once you get there no one gives a damn
You're in the army now
Oh, oh, you're in the army, now

Hand grenades flying over your head

Missiles flying over your head
If you want to survive, get out of bed
You're in the army now
Oh, oh, you're in the army, now

Shots ring out in the dead of night
The sergeant calls: "Stand up and fight!"
You're in the army now
Oh, oh you're in the army, now

You've got your orders to shoot on sight
Your finger's on the trigger but it don't seem right
You're in the army now
Oh, oh you're in the army, now

Night is falling and you just can't see
Is this illusion or reality
You're in the army now
Oh, oh you
go fk yrself, fk it, f'king idiots

Avoiding the police

I know I shouldn't be doing this, but I don't really want to know. My Policeman is back at work and he's been ringing to let me know what is happening. I'm not answering. All I know is that it was Adjourned and it's rescheduled for the month end. He's tried his best with the safe guarding but the agency don't give a shit and Social Services hands are tied for now (not really given the circumstances) so I've been left isolated and abandoned, not to mention blamed. I don't want to answer the phone because I then have to talk about it and I don't want to. The agencies behaviour is beyond despicable but hey as long as they get "Likes" on Facebook they're happy. In the meanwhile I'm broken, bastards, uncaring bastards.
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Special Delivery

I still haven't seen my brilliant postman R since Saturday, the day of the A&E scare. Tuesday he'd said how much better I was looking these days, (Wednesday they put me on the tablets), Saturday he said I looked terrible and I was in the hospital shortly after! I've not actually seen him to say what happened. The other chap G has been on my round this week, he just pops the post on the side, whereas R just comes on in. But over the space of a week, R will often see me more than my carers or family so he really does see the changes in me. He's been coming here years whereas the care team keeps changing. He's a really important part of my life here, like the old days when your postman knew you and were often the ones to call the emergency services if something was amiss. He's also the one being attacked by a psychotic pheasant on the estate 😁
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Crafty Stag Beats Bird Feeders

Completely different, but down in Exmoor it isn't just squirrels that raid the bird feeders. A handsome stag with amazing antlers has learnt over the years how to raid bird feeders and video footage shows his nocturnal garden visit, not to mention the bird feeder going flying as he manages to hook it with those enormous antlers of his! Wonderful footage of the hidden nocturnal world of nature 💜
'Wily old' stag, or clever crafty git 😁
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Spinach and Eggs Recipe

Looking for simple light dinner or lunch ideas and found this. Spinach and Eggs done in minutes in the pan. Definitely going to give this a try ☺ And putting it here so I'll find it again 😁
"Whisk eggs in a small bowl; season with salt and pepper and set aside. Heat oil in a medium nonstick skillet over medium. Add spinach and cook, tossing, until wilted, about 1 minute. Add eggs; cook, stirring occasionally, until just set, about 1 minute."
Another recipe adds cheese and uses butter. Really needing something different and even the carers can do this if I show them the recipe ☺
Diabetes Type 1

Stay on the insulin (I was!) 💉😁

I just realised I forgot to post about how the diabetic nurse visit went yesterday. Continue with the insulin (I am) and stay off the meds (I have!). I had been rather anxious about the visit, even though I had been taken to A&E with chest pains Saturday and the meds are contra-indicated with a couple of my diseases and some other meds. The nurse can be a bit of a bully not with me so far on this but in the distant past we have clashed and I know of many others who have a problem with her. She's just trying to do her job though with some people who pretend they don't stuff their faces /drink for Britain /or smoke like a chimney despite reeking of it. But I think she's understood that I adore good food , get me talking on veggies and I'll tell you various recipes 😁 Watch my face light up when I enthuse about roasted kale 😂 Or roasted radishes, roast beetroot, roast butternut squash, roast sweet potato, roast asparagus, pan fried sugar snap peas with garlic and butter..... *yum*
Opps see distracted by veg again. I have a quarter of sweets a week and that's it. I don't care for chocolate or cake but gimme a bowl of crispy kale and I'm yours 😁
So stay on the insulin. I wouldn't have ended up in A&E if she'd checked last week. Readings are coming down and I have returned to the pre-tablet state of lookin and feelin good on insulin alone ☺ It is only three weeks of insulin now and yet three days of tablets left me extremely ill - and that isn't including the chest pains but the other symptoms! Given I used to have a severe needles phobia it says it all that I'd rather inject insulin 💉
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Stop ⛔

I have spent a fair bit of money on eBay in the last three weeks picking up new tops 👕👗 All my tops have to be cotton And loose which can be difficult to find. Thing is, with the uncontrolled diabetes and my losing ketones, glucose, protein etc I actually lost over 1¾ stone in a matter of months. Because of the other illnesses I expect sadly to regain most of it over time (40 years would be good 😁) and with the cost of care etc there's no money for new clothes. I have bought some gorgeous tops and many of them I'm thrilled with. I got a violet M&S top worth over £30 for £3.99 new! It's a dip hem and hangs beautifully and actually feels luxurious too. I actually feel pretty in it. I got a lovely aqua tiedye one the other day too. As long as I look for trusted brands (Evans/Arcadia, M&S, Yours) it is a very good chance that the top will fit. The weight has dropped from all over but I am fully aware it is because my body was cannibalising itself, it still is as ketone loss in urine and blood is still present. But I need to stop buying tops now. I've parted with some tops and it's great to replace them I have to say and at such good prices ☺
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Pawsome Bargains 🐾

And todays bargains..... Free diary and free calendars! Got the working horses for my mum (Not for Mothers Day though as my dear friend Tilly thought! 😂) and the wildlife one for me. Thrilled with that because the fox image is one of my favourite fox photos (I even had it as the winter phone screen) and I intend to frame it 😀 My carer got a diary too for free. I think the calendars would be wonderful for a kids craft project at home or school, I just don't have any connection to any schools to suggest it. There were all sorts of types there but I am over the moon with the foxy fella 💜

in the news

Britain Drinks It's Tea...

Exactly as I was talking about with my carer today and as I posted here last night. London isn't the only place bombed by terrorists in the UK as well we know. My mother is Irish, so I am half Irish, and I grew up with a parent who was afraid to state her nationality for fear of abuse. Still is wary. Locally we suffered terrorist attacks on the several barracks around here and when I was living in Colchester we struggled with continual bomb threats that emptied the shops. The UK will continue drinking our tea and taking this in our stride. Most of us know that only a tiny minority cause these atrocities and only a small minority contaminated by ignorance shout the loudest with the bullshit.
(cross posted from fb and triggered by the photo)
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Garden Centre Restaurant has Bird Nesting 🐦

Just eating at the garden centre at Stokesley before learning of today's news when we suddenly became aware of a little bird, most likely a Dunnock hopping around inside the restaurant. It was a little shy but eyeing us up so feeling a bit guilty about my actions, I actually threw a piece of crust onto the floor. It eventually hopped over and got it. Wondering how the little lass got inside when the big doors were locked shut the chap working there told us that actually the Dunnock has a nest there and appeared to mean inside the restaurant!
Photo is pretty poor, but that brown smudge between the different chairs in the middle? Well she's the Dunnock with bed and breakfast ensuite facilities 🐦😁

candle, candle magic

London Terrorist Attack

Incredibly odd situation today, in Strikes Garden Centre at Stokesley looking at Easter decorations and pretty kitchenware my mother and I overheard a hushed and worried conversation between two members of staff. We heard the words terrorist attack, London, dead and had to ask. It felt very surreal in such surroundings with gentle music in the background. Once out at the car we Googled for news and it's terrible.
Police Officer Keith Palmer stabbed to death by the terrorist as he stood guarding the Houses of Parliament. Phenomenal strength of feeling for MP Tobias Ellwood who desperately tried to save PC Palmer, photos of his face as he realises the policeman didn't make it are harrowing. Tobias Ellwood is ex forces and lost his brother in the Bali terrorist attack. We generalise and slag off our MPs but this is an MP to have pride in. (Jo Cox MP murdered by a fanatical twat triggered by Brexit comes to mind too. She fought for women's rights and he didn't agree.)
Reports say that either four or five people died in these attacks (including the policeman and the terrorist) as the terrorist injured 40-50 people because he deliberately drove into people on Westminster Bridge before crashing then running to the Houses of Parliament where he killed the policeman and was then shot himself by the police.
Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley is quoted as saying it is believed the attacker was inspired by international terrorism.

It is an incredibly harsh reality in that today with smartphones and Londons WiFi that resulted in the images, reports and videos hitting social media almost instantaneously. I cannot begin to comprehend the fear of the families of the police working in that area today, knowing that one of them won't be coming home that night. Worse still seeing the images of MP Tobias Ellwood frantically trying to save PC Keith Palmer and his face, with blood on it and his expression of haunted horror as he realises that PC Palmer has passed on. Videos of the horrors are all out there, the French students injured on the bridge, Lancashire University students injured, foreign visitors injured. There are two or three dead unnamed yet. Their families and friends must be frantic for news and devastated too. The poor woman who was hit by the car on the bridge and thrown over into the Thames. Poor woman, her going over the bridge into the water was only caught on video by someone. There is nothing today that's not seen. I heard she was eventually rescued but with serious injuries.
I am a daughter of an Irish immigrant, we lived often in military towns and were seriously affected by the IRA bombings as I grew up, places we went evacuated and bombs going off. We lived in a time of fear and hate against the Irish and a time of many Americans and American businesses actively supporting terrorism on the UK mainland and Ireland. I have seen how persecution of a race or a culture is carried out and how despicable it is. I will never blame a whole race, culture or religion for the actions of a few.

My thoughts are with all of those affected by the atrocities and I hope that their Gods will be with them.

Terrorist Attack - House of Parliament, live updates from the BBC