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Great Bargains!

Staggering bargains today! Sadly the Herriot Hospice Furniture store is closing on Friday so my first visit was also my last. I got a corner cabinet for £15 (6ft tall, cupboard bottom, leaded glass top, looks like a Ercol) and a gateleg oval large table also wood £10 😊 Collection on Friday as powerchair in the boot does not allow for furniture! Pictures to come once they're at the house. Then off to the M&S new food store... Timed it fabulously! All of these in the pic plus steak and Cornish Cove Cheddar burgers, would have been £34.30. Got the lot £10.70! It's 12/13 meals or main part, plus 3 snacks. Almost everything was freezable too, so yay 😀😀😀
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Copper Leaves

Got these this weekend and hoping to create two different wind chimes with them. Thin copper coloured metal high detail leaves meant for a Christmas tree but awesome pagan decor and they have a lovely 'ting' so perfect for my plans 🍁🍂🍃🍂🍁
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Powerchair is buggered

Didn't mention it Saturday as I was too pissed off, but somehow my father managed to damage my powerchair. He'd used the hoist to get it into the car Then unhooked it. The powerchair is 15st, it should Always be secured during transit. My mother and I didn't know this, and the first we knew was that the powerchair had moved in the boot and was now jammed somehow. In freeing it, he managed to break a front light and indicator to face down and they won't switch back up. He also broke off a rear brake and indicator light, the back is smashed, the cable damaged and the brake light won't work. He also damaged the car. Thing is, my supplier has to visit to photograph, assess and report the damage to Motability where I rent from then they have to approve it, then order the parts. My powerchair is a Liam Tilt and was imported so presumably the same for the parts. I'll have to tie a bag over the broken unit as otherwise rain will get in and it'll breakdown the chair as a whole! I don't bloody believe it. This is going to take some time, thank fk mine isn't used on the road but it has a Class 3 classification meaning you can drive it legally on a road!
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Tobacco - blood pressure meds to ease life

Small reprieve. But it's still definitely a matter of days 😢 Tobacco is quiet, lethargic, can't jump to the coffee table by me without help (I put a little cat climbing frame there to help him climb) yet Tuesday was up above the cooker! This crash was fast 😞 Earlier his heart was So fast and irregular, but he's showing a little interest in food, washing and coming through to see what's going on. He has also brought up fluids too, so his chest may feel lighter?
So at today's vet telephone consultation much of the symptoms knocking him out are from his racing heart and raised blood pressure, direct result of the kidney failure. So to ease his final days the vet gave him blood pressure tablets, if his heart isn't racing he'll feel brighter. My father brought them over and within 2 hours Tobacco showed improvement of his heart rate. I'm not kidding myself over what this means but it Does mean that he will feel less odd, dizzy and wobbly from that. He has also eaten a little pilchards and washed his face but returned to the bed on the airer again in the front room. He's not hiding but he is in the quietest room but it is his bed :-/
I ring again Monday to report in to review what next. We have to take it day by day, a case of easing his final days, feline end of life care :'(
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Tobacco - diagnosis a month to live or days

Terrible day due to the extreme agency bewildering behaviour and then the vet told me that Tobacco has a month or just days to live. His kidney failure is advanced, he has fluid in his chest, and elsewhere, his heart is racing and irregular. My little boy 😢 His first treatment to help lasted just 3 weeks Not the expected 6-7. A repeat injection seems to have helped slightly but it's a few weeks Or Days if he does not improve. Another injection is to assist with the fluid buildup. He Crashed, he'd been good, he was found sitting on top of the cookers high level grill two days ago, then unwell yesterday but with his over active thyroid, epilepsy, arthritis and change of seasonal weather it was hard to tell which it was. He's been a poorly cat a long, long time. Today you could see his chest thumping from his racing heart, fast breathing but not laboured. Very quiet and subdued. He improved enough to seriously eat but has already gone down again. I think it's going to be days. Not the month. I also knew his time was limited but I thought it was going to be longer 😢😢😢
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Tobacco on the cooker top

Tobacco on top of the eye level electric grill Tuesday tea time. By Thursday afternoon his kidney failure became very bad, the assist drug failed at 3 weeks, not the 6-7weeks expected. Veterinary diagnosis 1 month, perhaps just days if he doesn't pick up from the two injections. His chest has fluid in it, and his heart is so fast, plus irregular, he still wants to live but his body is failing him. He has shown only very slight improvement. The crash between the insane begging for food of Tuesday and 2 days later hardly moving except for the rapid heart beat is awful to watch. I need to talk to the vet in the morning, see where we go from here. It isn't good. I am afraid

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10 cats missing from same street in Staffordshire

There are so many scares today, so many horrible deliberate acts, so many horrible fake stories and this, RSPCA investigating TEN cats all missing from the same street in Staffordshire. Most chipped, None found in Any manner. Absolutely taken and extremely likely for horrendous cruelty. Humans can be the most despicable things on this planet 😞😢

Terrifying news for all pet owners