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Oct. 17th, 2014

dolls house

miniature men

I'm so glad I've got the Time Thiefs hood right at last. Both he & the clockman are kind of pixieish/elfish appearance & the hood is perfect for that.
Unfortunately the clock he's meant to be stealing does not work in situ, it's too slim & not bulky enough to sit well in his arms & against him. The bugger is this clock, is one I've had lined up for this role for 18 months.... is completely wrong once the thiefs body was built!! In his arms its just wrong, never expected that. Luckily I picked up a larger fob watch 2 months ago for £1.99 which actually my carer spotted & meant for the knitting clock. Only that wasnt quite right for that too which is great cos its just Perfect for this scene instead :-) It looks better, is grander & actually works but it is a wind up clock so not that practical for this scene to have it actually working whereas the clock for the knitting clock is battery powered so runs without any problem or logistical locational issues.

I really must get on with seeing if i can get the word press miniatures blog going since the blogger version i could not work with :-(

Oct. 16th, 2014

woods, land magic

so so special

Yesterday i received a truly fantastic present. I'd said before how much i miss my beloved woods, that i can no longer get down them when once i walked in them day or night, dawn or dusk without fear, enjoying their beauty, enjoying their magic. It is a harsh & bitter reality that those days are gone :-( Well a large parcel arrived & never in a million years could I have guessed what was in it ....Rhi had sent me Woodland in a Box! I opened it up & there were oak leaves, acorns of a deep burnished polish, pine cones & the hairy cups from the turkish oak :-) It is the most wonderful, maddest, inspiriational & outstanding present ever, it smells gorgeous, looks gorgeous, Is gorgeous & is the most amazing, thoughtful & magical gift ever :-) Even though my garden gate opens straight into my beloved woods, disease has robbed me of walking in them as once I did & no powerchair will do them either :-( So I really can't put into words what this gift means to me other than the world. I miss my woods so much, I used to come home with pockets full of conkers, leaves & acorns :-( This was a truly amazing gift & bringing the woods to me as I can't get to them myself is just fantastic :-)

Oct. 5th, 2014

nothing & everything

remembering freedom

I was doing alright until I saw the Fountains Abbey post for the flood lighting event by the National Trust on Facebook. I used to go there all the time, many times a week usually after work. Sometimes I'd walk the water gardens, other times I'd walk the Abbey. There were so many places to sit & watch the Waterbirds. There was even a part albino blackbird based by one of the arbour seats. Neptune stood guard over one pond, two naked men fought on a plinth by the river (sadly they were only statues). There were hidden places & paths aplenty including one up the steep hill that took me to the viewing point along the river towards the Abbey. I adored Fountains Abbey & it featured heavily in my uni course work with Exeter as did several other local abbies. Mount Grace Priory, Rievaulx Abbey, even Whitby & Jervaulx Abbey. I did them all so much & I haven't been to one in years save for Kirkstall Abbey at Leeds with herneoakshield but even that is several years ago too. I can't get there without my parents :-(
A floodlit Fountains Abbey is an amazingly magical experience. It gives a whole new aspect & atmosphere to the place. But I am never going to get round it again like I used too. Sometimes I'd just drive over to park in the deer park & watch the lake & have chaffinches & robins perch on the wing mirrors hoping for scraps which they always got. Some would come into the car & perch on the dashboard. Now I'm not allowed to even drive :-( I miss my freedom so much, Fucking illness robs so much before you even think of what the symptoms do to you :-(

Sep. 19th, 2014

nosey, curiosity, curious

Results & Statistics -

More for myself & my MO papers. ...

3 YES, 29 NO.
Very interesting the turnout statistics are curious, of the 3 that voted Yes, 2 had the LOWEST turnout (Glasgow the lowest at 75%, Dundee second lowest turnout at 78.83%), the next lowest turnout was Aberdeen City at 81.75%.
The HIGHEST votes were really close virtually .0% difference. East Dunbartonshire 90.99% turnout, East Renfrewshire 90.49% & Stirling at 90.14% .... all are a staggering NINE in TEN voted. Even the lowest, Glasgow was 75% being THREE in FOUR voted.
This is awesome unprecidented figures So why the hell are voters for elections so bloody lazy & full of apathy when your vote makes such a difference!!!

The Results & Statistics.
Comhairle nan Eilean Siar - 02:00 (Declared 03:03) Result - No: 53.42% Yes: 46.58% Turnout: 86.25%

North Lanarkshire - 02:00 (Declared 04:44) Result- YES: 51.07% No: 48.93%
Turnout: 84.44%

Inverclyde - 02:00 (Declared 03:34) Result- No: 50.08% Yes: 49.92%
Turnout: 87.39%

Orkney - 02:00 (Declared 02:07) Result - No: 67.20% Yes: 32.80%
Turnout: 83.72% (only 29 rejected votes)

East Lothian - 02:00 (Declared 04:15) Result- No: 61.72 Yes: 38.28
Turnout: 87.62%

Perth & Kinross- 02:00 (Declared 04.48) Result- No: 60.19% Yes: 39.81%
Turnout: 86.89%

Moray - 02:00 Result- No: 57.56% Yes: 42.44%
Turnout: 85.41%

Clackmannanshire - 02:30 (Declared 01:31) Result - No: 53.80% Yes: 46.20%
Turnout: 88,59%

West Dunbartonshire - 03:00 (Declared 04:08) Result- Yes: 53.09% No: 46.04%
Turnout: 87.94%

Dumfries & Galloway - 03:00 (Declared 04:30) Result- No: 65.67% Yes: 34.33%
Turnout: 87.49%

Angus - 03:00 (Declared 04:27) Result-No: 56.32% Yes: 43.68%
Turnout: 85.84.%
South Lanarkshire- 03:00 (Declared 04:46) Result- No: 54.67% Yes: 45.33%
Turnout: 85.84%

East Renfrewshire- 03:00 (Declared 04:32) Result- No: 63.19% Yes: 36.81%
HIGHEST Turnout: 90.46%

Dundee- 03:00 (Declared 03:52) Result- YES: 57.35% No: 42.65%
LOWEST Turnout: 78.83% but YES result

Falkirk - 03:00 (Declared 04:20) Result- No: 53.47% Yes: 46.53%
Turnout: 88.71%

Renfrewshire - 03:00 (Declared 03:52) Result- No: 52.81% Yes: 47.19%
Turnout: 87.29%

East Ayrshire - 03:00 (Declared 05:09) Result- No: 52.78% Yes: 47.22%
Turnout: 84.55%

Aberdeenshire - 03:00 (Declared 05:54) Result- No: 60.36% Yes: 39.64%
Turnout: 87.19%

Stirling - 03:00 (Declared 04:17) Result- No: 59.77% Yes: 40.23%
HIGHEST Turnout: 90.14%

Midlothian - 03:30 (Declared 04:10) Result- No: 56.30% Yes: 43.70%
Turnout: 86.75%

Argyll & Bute - 03:30 (Declared 05:56) Result- No: 58.52% Yes: 41.48%
Turnout: 88.21%

West Lothian - 03:30 (Declared 04: 30) Result- No: 55.18% Yes: 44.32%
Turnout: 86.17%

South Ayrshire - 03:30 (Declared 05:06) Result- No: 57.87% Yes: 42.13%
Turnout: 86.12%

Shetland - 03:30 (Declared 02:41) Result- No: 63.71% Yes: 36.29%

East Dunbartonshire - 03:30 (Declared 04:34) Result- No: 61.20% Yes: 38.80%
HIGHEST Turnout: 90.99%

Fife - 04:00 (Declaration 06:08) Result-No: 55.05% Yes: 44.95%

North Ayrshire - 04:30 (Declared 04:58) Result- No: 51.01% Yes: 48.99%
Turnout: 84.42%

Scottish Borders - 05:00 (Declared 04:55) Result- No: 66.56% Yes: 33.44%
Turnout: 87.43%

Edinburgh - 05:00 (Declared 05:55) Result- No: 60.19% Yes: 39.81%
Turnout: 84.40%

Glasgow- 05:00 (Declared 04:52) Result - YES: 53.49% No: 46.51%
LOWEST Turnout: 75%

Aberdeen City - 06:00 (Declared 04:28) Result- No: 58.61% Yes: 41.39%
Turnout: 81.75%

Highland - No: 52.92% Yes:47.08%
Turnout: 87.0%
strength, battles, trouble


It's 21 years since my first cat was killed on September 18th 1993. She was beautiful & was the first cat of many who I've been privaledged to share my life with :-)

I just wish the fkwit neighbour who found her dying by the roadside but Didn't bother to tell us Had told us so the vet could have eased her suffering

Remembering Tiger

Tiger - Image hosted by Tiger - Image hosted by

Sep. 18th, 2014

strength, battles, trouble

Scottish Independance Vote

Today is a day of the biggest historical event in our lifetime. Whatever your vote good luck. Scotland gets the chance of independence without fighting, without war, without bloodshed, without bombs, killings or terrorism ....Around the world people are literally dying from oppression, tyranical governments or overthrown rulers. Here Scotland has the opportunity of independence by a vote, by merely paper & pen. And unlike some other countries we can trust the vote results, & we can trust that the outcome will be honoured. Unlike other countries. ..

But why can't England vote for its own independence too? ;-)

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Sep. 14th, 2014



Yesterday was a strange day, good, sad & bad.
Being at Beningborough Hall was nice, the gardens lovely & mostly powerchair accessible, I know where I can go & a path in the woods is accessible if it's not been raining. And so I left my parents in the cafe & went off alone. Only my parents are able to transport the powerchair in their car -it's 15stone in weight so needs the fitted hoist to get it into their car. Which means that I have to be out With my parents for the freedom the powerchair gives me. But then I'm not alone either as I then need help with doors, stuff blocking the way, etc. But it hit me when I left them and had around 20 minutes to myself in the woods . .. to be alone away from my home by myself for a handful of minutes is now so rare. The last time was several months ago :-(
To think I used to walk at dawn & night in my woods where I live & that is now lost to me. My journal, my writing, my thoughts were all wrapped up, entwinned with the woods & that is gone. The weatherwitch of the land & woods I was is gone. I can't go out anywhere without the wheelchair & the agency can only take the attendant chair that they have to push so even then my direction, my lifes control is not in my hands :-(

And then I had a huge scare yesterday when out. I've had a powerchair 5 years, this one 2 years & I know it well. I went up a 1/2" step in the path, I've done it many times over the years but this time the powerchair tipped dangerously up, like a wheelie & I was badly scared. Very badly scared. Cos its 15st, tipping me right up, the front wheels therefore my feet up in the air,back towards the ground & I know there are anti-tip wheels on the back bit even if the chair goes back that far then you need help from another to tip forward again. And then the chair just CRASHED down & it really hurt my shoulder & my lower spine where the osteoarthritis is :-(
But what really got me was that my parents were immediately behind me when it happened, my mother was scared like me but my father says it never happened!! We even had a row about it as he swears blind he saw me wobble & swerve by oversteering the Handlebars!!!! (There are no handlebars!) But to prove his point he then demonstrated the Two handed movement he's convinced that he saw me do with handlebars /tiller that doesn't exist!! My powerchair control is tiny operated between 2 fingers with tiny movement nothing like the wide two armed tiller movement he's convinced he saw. How on earth did he 'see' that And claim it wobbled badly when it stayed perfectly straight but tipped dangerously upwards? I'm still very painful from it, still in shock from it but I feel very hurt that he's insisting it didn't happen :-(

Sep. 11th, 2014

domestic stuff, housework


Blimey I can't believe I've checked /unlocked all 970 posts here :-O Taken a couple of weeks to do it during pre.FaceBook days lol I locked them all to private in a state of SAD hibernation then got whalloped by Social Services costs and lost the money to pay for Internet so I'd no idea I'd regret hiding them as private for the next 6.5years with my not having Internet access :-(
And so I'd say that's 95% reopened as public, 3% friends only & 2% private being generally notes or deepest thoughts or regrets. I had No idea that with one tick I could hide all posts to private but that the original custom settings would be lost and require each post to be manually unlocked again. .

Oh what fun is hindsight lol
nosey, curiosity, curious


I noticed on here that its possible to cross post to FaceBook so that could be interesting as I've always been a Blogger, I have decades of diaries starting when I was just 8. And I've never really been able to do short posts lol So this way I hope, I can still blog cos writing has always been theraputic for me, gets stuff out my system and often by writing things through I can work them out. And keep the less heavy stuff for FB. Plus I can use the tags on here to find what, where,when which has been invaluable over the years.
Anyway part real post, part test post and at least I'm much better than I was last is to charge the phone as the batteries really low and make the shopping list for tomorrow - or just make a start on it. Hey ho.

Sep. 8th, 2014

WTF, NO! !!, OMG

O.M.G. !!!!

I had said 'Over my dead body would I join FaceBook' & bugger me but I have done it :-O
And I'm still alive. . Oh my goodness. ...

Figured that if I died in weird or bad cirumstances then some bugger would only set up a page which Would be over my dead body so I may as well do it myself lol

Then they can quote people without having even to contact them :-O

Find me under Weather Witch ;-)

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