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Bloody hell, gold plated cat food better than my food!

Well this was the surprise of the century. Picked up some Applaws today, the cats have never had it before, Way to expensive as no additives. 3 for £1!! Looked up the prices, the Chicken Breast with Pumpkin is normally £2.25 EACH!, the Chicken topped with Tomato in jelly £2.99 Each! Quite frankly you could serve that one on a delicate bed of basmati rice to someone & they'd Never know it was cat food lol

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The Path to the Woods

The path to the woods has been strimmed by my father as the lawn man got a new mower which he's learnt does cope with wet grass! In the meantime my ¼ acre of lawn has become a field! You can just make out Dopple on the table in the distance :-D
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Alopecia.... :-(

This was from early May, I don't think I put it on here. All I did was run my fingers through my hair, it just came out like that. That was the night I did the kitchen scissor cut. It's horrendously thin on the top now, thick at the bottom. I took my hat off at the chiropodist the other day as the lights were dim, I saw her face when she saw my scalp. She hid the shock well but, well you know these things. There's a huge chunk of eyelashes missing one side and almost both eye brows too. Not particularly pleasant :-(

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Bye bye beddie byes....

Cross posted to fb yesterday when the lady came for the bed...
Bye bye bed, you did me well over the years and at 35 years old, you're off to your new life thanks to eBay. Kinda sad really :-( I shall miss you and your 36" knob lol Farewell and sweet dreams to your new human :-)

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There goes the mannequin

Well I met a really lovely lady who came for the eBay mannequin. She lives right out in the Dales hence the longer collection time which wasn't a problem. She'd followed my directions to here really well as my home is so hard to find & I saw her arrive through the garden gate. Then she disappeared! I went out to find her & could hear a faint knocking which I followed. Unfortunately once I'd realised that she was knocking on the outhouse door I started to giggle so we met with me giggling at her & going "Erm that's a shed!" Ironically it was the outbuilding where it now was. So there goes another piece of the past with lovely memories to a lady who was thoroughly happy with her purchase :-)

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Firepit sold on eBay too!

Only listed this firepit late last night, woke to find it & the bed sold both to locals which is unusual for Buyer to Collect! Firepit collected this afternoon too so that was good and they seemed to love it.

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Much better! New day bed frame £69.99 from B&M replaces the vintage 1970s/early 1980s bed I'd had since being little! New throw arrived from Ebay today for the room, bright orange lol Perfect. Intend once I've had help to put that on to get some photos, the room is so clear now!