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She Understands. She Doesn't Comprehend.

on & on the river flows, we the undertow

the weatherwitch journals - days in the life of an anti-social git!

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weatherwitch & Rosie - woodland walks with my cat

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I've been on LJ many years then lost my internet connection for 6.5 years only just getting that back in September 2014. Although LJ is so much quieter nowadays I still love blogging & have no intention of mo ving my life blog to elsewhere.
Much of my journal is open posts though some posts are Friends Only. Despite being an exceptionally private person in real life, I like to share a lot of things online, that's just how I am.

About me, I am Pagan, a book lover, a dolls house miniaturist & disabled with a massive growing collection of 20+ illnesses & disabilites including Ogilvies Syndrome, Systemic Sjogrens, Sarcoidosis, Sympathetic Nerve Dysfunction/Autonomic Dysfunction, Trigenimal Neuralgia, Raynauds Disease, Fibromyalgia, Temporo Mandibular Joint Disorder, Glossopharangeal Neuralgia, neuropathic blind spots in my vision & many, many others. I use a wheelchair or powerchair when out & employ daily carers for daily life needs & support. I also have social phobia that makes me avoid using the phone & also agoraphobia too, being a fear of your safe place being invaded :-( I rarely leave my home anymore & can't without support anyway :-( Very sad is that I cannot go down my beloved woods here even though my garden gate opens directly into the woods. Once i walked these walks at day, night or dawn which was the most wonderful magical experience & I deeply miss this. I used to come home with pockets filled with acorns, conkers, leaves & twigs.

What else I also collect witch ornaments & am known as the anti-social git! As i can't get out into the land around me although it still inspires, enthralls & empowers me it's effect is no longer so strong but the wood surrounding my home is very special to me.

I use my journal as personal therapy as well being a report of what's going on for me, so this journal is both full of the things in life that make me laugh & the things in my life that make me cry. It may seem self-indulgent, bitchy or whinging at times but it's just me trying to express myself & cope & deal with the downtimes of life. I am also now on Facebook as weather witch :-) As I have severe pain every day which is 'helped' with morphine, life can be somewhat strange for me. I no longer write but my stories that the land here inspired can be found at rowena_mcnulty where the majority of the stories are public with just a few as Friends Only. My other writing therapy was felinefamiliars (which Rosie Whiskas, Susie & Tobacco would like you to add to your Friends List ;-) )

weatherwitch October 2014

If life hands you lemons, smile and give thanks. Then when he isn't looking knee him in the balls and chop his bits off. That'll teach him

The WeatherPixie

Cosmic Fool, Kev, coz_mcfool

Somewhere in the skies above us there is a star named Cosmic Fool. I do not know it's exact location but I feel I do not need to. For me Coz will live on in all those stars that shine so brightly, he will live on for me in my heart and soul. I greatly mourn his passing but I also celebrate the life of the great man that was Kev, our very own Cosmic Fool.

I give you the light of Cosmic Fool, our most beloved star. 
Cosmic_Fool - 1964-2006



One of my cats, Tobacco on his YouTube loo debut!
Link to YouTube video here :-)

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The Burning Times :: Pagan Newsblog for the Pagan World

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